LED Street Light Solar 100W



Categories : Outdoor LED Solar Light


Input VoltageDC 12 V
LED Power100 Watts
Solar panel18V 120W
Luminous Efffifiicient170 lm/W
Color Temperature5,700K
Lumen flFlux17,000 Lm
ChipLumileds 3030
BatteryLiFePO4 12v 54Ah 692WH
LED Life>50,000 hrs.
Beam Angle50°/140°
IP GradeIP65
Solar cell wattage100 watt
Dimension1305 x 540 x 150mm.
Net weight17.20 kg.
Lighting Time of Day12 hours/Day 3 Step
 4 hours 50W Motion working 100W
 4 hours 40W Motion working 80W
 4 hours 30W Motion working 60W
Changing Time5-6 hours in Sunny Weather
Warranty2 ปี

Solar cell is an innovation that many people know well. It is a tool that helps convert solar energy into electrical energy. This allows us to freely use the inexhaustible power of the sun in our daily life. Until now, using solar cells is still costly and requires knowledgeable teams. Expertise in installing solar panels But the use of solar cells is getting more and more popular every day because of the many benefits that the new generation sees.But in addition to the conversion of solar energy into electricity. Solar cells also have many benefits that you may not have known about. Today we will try to explore that. What are the hidden benefits of solar cells?

solar panel Its internal processes help convert solar energy into electricity. Of course, sunlight is an inexhaustible energy from our planet. We are therefore confident that generating electricity from natural energy such as solar will be a continuous process. forever, never run out, giving us enough electricity to use when the main factor in generating electricity from solar cells is sunlight. enabling us to produce energy from anywhere Just let the sunlight shine through. The amount of electricity generation will vary from area to area. Including the amount of sunlight that is more or less according to the terrain or climate of that area.

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