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Flood Light TG3B-6


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What is led spotlight? How is it different from led floodlights?

When we talk about buying floodlights or choosing spotlights to illuminate signs for use in various forms, whether it is decorating a place or for lighting inside and outside the house. It is undeniable that light is very important and necessary nowadays. The light not only makes it visible inside the house alone. But it can also help reduce the dangers outside the home caused by thieves. by lighting the garage or the lawn in front of the house

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage
LED Power100W
Power Factor
> 0.90
> 90%
Luminous Efffifiicient
147 (lm/W)
Color Temperature
3000 - 6000K
Lumen flFlux
11,724 lm
DriverMean well
LED Life
>50,000 hrs.
LED Quantity
Beam Angle
120, 60, 25°
IP Grade
Housing Material
Net Weight
4.05 kg
Tis. 1955 - 2551
Warranty2 Year


Advantages of LED Flood Light

1. Long lifespan, well known LED flood light. It has a very long service life. On average, these bulbs will last longer than incandescent bulbs. halogen lamp or fluorescent lamp And when we install LED floodlights It helps to worry about changing light bulbs frequently. The LED spotlight doesn't suddenly fail until it reaches its lifespan, but whenever the light starts to fade, it's a warning signal about the lifespan of the LED spotlight. That it is almost time to change LED spotlights can help reduce various business costs.

2.Environmentally friendly LED floodlights are another great energy-friendly alternative. Since there is no need to change bulbs often, it helps to reduce hazardous waste while also using very little power.

3. Save maintenance costs, LED floodlights are durable. saves money and time Because the lamp will be covered with a hard material. This reduces the risk of breakage as well, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours or more.

4. Weather and temperature do not affect the operation of LED floodlights. It can work well even in changing weather conditions. It can maintain good stability even in very cold weather. Therefore, it is used in low temperature warehouses. or freezer room

5. Mercury free Lead and Carbon Dioxide Floodlights are not produced from mercury and lead. Therefore, it does not release harmful energy such as carbon dioxide and UV light. It is friendly to the environment and our health.


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