Solar Street Light 300W


Categories : Outdoor LED Solar Light


Input VoltageDC 12 V
LED Power
300 Watts
Luminous Efffifiicient
100 lm/W
Color Temperature
5800 - 6300K
SMD 2835
BatteryLiFePO4 12.8v 10Ah
LED Quantity
624 Pcs
LED Life
>50,000 hrs.
Beam Angle
IP Grade
Solar Type
Solar Panel Power
35 watt
Dimension Lamp
550x 260x 100 mm.
Work time
12 Hr.
Charge time
4-6 Hr.
Warranty2 Year


Solar panel type

Monocrystalline Silicon(Monocrystalline Silicon) or Mono
Mono solar panels are the most efficient solar panels. Mono solar panels are made of high purity silicon rods. It started by stirring the crystals to stick together at the core. thus creating a cylindrical rod Then cut them into squares and remove all 4 corners for maximum efficiency.

Landmark Mono Solar Panel There will be a junction between the solar cells.

Advantages It is a solar cell with the highest efficiency. The average efficiency is 18-21%, can produce more electricity than polycrystalline, saving space. because this type of panel It produces the highest power thus occupies the least amount of space. compared to other types

Disadvantages: high price and mono solar panels It tends to be more effective in cold climates. and its efficiency decreases as the temperature rises.

polycrystalline Silicon (Polycrystalline Silicon) or Poly (Poly)
Poly solar panels are solar panels that are almost the same quality as monocrystalline. It is made of silicon as is mono. But the type of silicon used is less pure than mono.

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