Solar Street Light 70W ELSTA-70-SL


Categories : Outdoor LED Solar Light


Input VoltageDC 12 V
LED Power70 Watts
Luminous Efffifiicient140 lm/W
Color Temperature5,000K±500K
Lumen flFlux9,800 Lm
ChipCree 3030
LED Life>50,000 hrs.
Beam Angle75°/145°
Housing MaterialAluminium, Glass
IP ProtectionIP65
BatteryDeep Cycle VRLA 12v 100Ah
Solar Panel TypePolycrystalline 200W
Solar Panel Dimension952 x 1320 x 30 mm.
Solar Panel weight14.90 kg
Solar Panel SupportØ 68 mm.
ControllerPWM Controller 12V 10A
Solar Change Time3-6 Hours
Working Time12 Hours 
Lamp Dimension210 x 523 x 60 mm.
Lamp weight4.00 kg.
Lamp Warranty3 Years
Battery Warranty3 Years
Solar Panel Warranty10 Years

various benefits of installing photovoltaic systems on the roof of the house
Direct benefits to building owners

In the case of using electricity produced in their own building help reduce costs
In the case of selling electricity to the Electricity Authority at a special price It is a worthwhile extra income for building owners (In installation and sale in 2013, it will be sold at a price of 6.96 baht per unit. Size does not exceed 10 kilowatts on the roof of a residential house.)
Solar panels on the roof block the sunlight hitting the roof. reduces roof heat reduce the operation of the air conditioner save electricity
Help to instill a positive attitude in the members of the family and society.

Benefit to society, country, world

It is the production of electricity with solar energy, which is a renewable energy. There is no end to the burning of fossil fuels.
It is the production of electricity with solar energy, which is clean energy. No pollution while generating electricity, helping to reduce global warming.
Help Cut Peak in the daytime
It is a distributed generation of electricity in different regions. Help reduce the construction of power transmission lines. Reduce the loss of electricity in the transmission system.
It is a free solar power generation. reduces economic waste
make the community better
Delay the construction of fossil, water, nuclear power plants, reduce social conflicts.
Create energy security for the nation
Promote conservation of energy and the environment to reduce the problem of global warming and solve energy problems for Thailand

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